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Article | 08.05.2019

The Prevalence of Cryptosporidium Infection in Neonatal Diarrhoeic Sheep Lambs with Observation of Resolution using Paromomycin Treatment

This study was conducted between May and August 2016. A total of 45 faecal specimens obtained from 6-37 day old lambs were examined for the presence and prevalence of Cryptosporidium by rapid Immunochromatographic (ICT). The prevalence of the infection was found in 33 specimens out of 45 (73.33%). The infected lambs were treated by using Paromomycin sulphate (Parofor®) and retested for the presence of Cryptosporidium infection after 5 days of consecutive treatment. We report in this study the successful resolution of Cryptosporidium with Parofor®. 

Article | 24.04.2019

Use of Fibre Degrading Enzymes for a Healthier Poultry Gut

Article | 03.04.2019

Keeping Flocks Healthy, Productive, and Profitable Through Gut Management

Article | 06.03.2019

Effective Biosecurity: Cryptosporidiosis Control in Ruminants

Article | 04.03.2019

Benefits of Vaccination Strategies for Broilers and Table Egg Layers

Article | 05.02.2019

A Protein Value for a Phytase - Some Critical Remarks

Article | 20.12.2018

Added Value of NSP Degrading Enzymes in Pig Nutrition

Article | 22.11.2018

Probiotics as an Alternative for Antibiotics in Broiler Nutrition

Article | 10.10.2018

Aiming for Optimal Performance with NSP Degrading Enzymes

Article | 03.10.2018

Criteria for Selecting a Fast Phytase

Article | 02.10.2018

The Revolution of On-Site Liquid Enzyme Production

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