Swine Gut Health Seminar for veterinary practitioners, 5-6th June 2019

Huvepharma® ‘s second Swine Veterinary Gut Health Seminar took place in Pravets, Bulgaria from June 5-6th  2019 aiming to better understand how the gastro- intestinal tract works, behaves and can be managed.

An interesting overview on the economics of pig production in Europe and worldwide was presented by Ir. R. Hoste (NL).

Gut flora management was discussed by several international and enthusiastic speakers.

Prof. R. Ducatelle (BE) focused on the impact of intestinal microflora on performance and explained very clearly why a well-balanced intestinal microbiome is so important.

The relationship between feed, animal health and growth performance was highlighted by nutritionist K. Stickney (UK).

However, if disease occurs therapeutic products are still indicated to treat, control or eradicate enteric pathogens.

R. Bardini (IT) inspired the audience by his approach of gastro-intestinal diseases from a veterinarian’s point of view.

Close attention was also paid to endoparasites in pigs. The impact of worm infections and the paradox of the diagnosis of this ubiquitous infection was clarified by Prof. Geldhof (BE).

In addition, Dr. Ruczizka (AU) informed the audience on the underestimated prevalence and impact of protozoal infections.

Huvepharma® offers a broad product portfolio including as well enzymes and probiotics as therapeutic products for optimal gut health.

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