Locomotory Disorder in Poultry Seminar, 19th – 22nd September 2017, Bruges, Belgium

The annual Huvepharma® Seminar for Locomotory Disorders in Poultry took place from September 19th to September 22nd in the beautiful medieval city of Bruges, Belgium. The seminar attracted a lot of  participants from 25 different countries, who came to learn about the current status on locomotory disorders in poultry. Several international experts focused in their talks on topics such as foot pad dermatitis, slaughterhouse condemnations, welfare aspects and genetic selection for locomotory health in poultry. During 2 days, different problems, their causes and the options for control were discussed, making sure that each participant would be able to return home with new knowledge.  

Participants were invited to share their experiences by presenting case reports, adding extra practical relevance to the seminar. Half a day of the seminar was dedicated to a practical session at the University of Ghent: in this session participants had the possibility to see examples of several pathologies and perform themselves scoring for foot pad dermatitis.

Besides the scientific part, Huvepharma® showed again how important good organization and hospitality is and tried to make it an experience to never forget for all the participants.


Respiratory Health Seminar for pig practitioners, 4th -6th October, Ghent, Belgium

The second Porcine Respiratory Health Seminar of 2017 took place from 4th to 6th October in the medieval city of Ghent with participants from 8 countries. Part of the seminar was held in the city center and our guests were invited one afternoon to the faculty of veterinary medicine for a practical session. Four speakers focused on the prevention, control and treatment of different respiratory diseases in modern pig farming.
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Huvepharma® at WVPA 2017

As a leading global company in poultry health, Huvepharma® had to be present. And we were, with 4 oral presentations and 9 posters.
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