Launch of Huvepharma brand name in Ivory Coast

Last Monday and Tuesday, our team in Ivory Coast (Dr Jean François Adje and Amadou Sangare) organized two symposiums to promote Huvepharma products.


The first one was about biosecurity in hatcheries for the promotion of our hygiene range.

Albert Ichakou and Sidi Traore, our agents in Cameroon and Mali were also with us to bring their expertise on this field. More than 30 people were present for this first event.

On Tuesday, the main event took place: a symposium on intestinal health in poultry with technical lectures on 3 topics:

  • Histopathology of Avian enteritis (Pr Y. Kane, Dakar Vet School)
  • Necrotic enteritis (Dr A. Ichakou)
  • Coccidiosis prevention and treatment (Dr K. Lorphelin)

These meetings have allowed us to present Huvepharma and the solution we bring to the customers to manage intestinal disorders. Over 140 vets and major players of the poultry market in Ivory Coast were present for those two events.

Brand new marketing material was created for the occasion by our teams in France, Belgium and Bulgaria and we thank you all for your support during these last weeks.

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