Huvepharma® raises interest on EBF in Bilbao, Spain

This year, European Buiatrics Forum (EBF) was held in Bilbao, Spain from October 4th to October 6th. City of Bilbao located in the Basque Country in Spain hosted close to 500 attendees, from Spain, Europe and other international countries, including experts, practitioners and representatives of the industry on this forum held every two years.

During these 3 intense and exciting days, latest developments and topics from areas of interest for bovine industry were addressed through plenary sessions, keynote speaker presentations, workshops and poster section. They have addressed areas of Parasitology, Surgery, antimicrobial resistance, mastitis and udder health and respiratory diseases to name but a few.

Huvepharma® presence was well noted throughout the Forum, through a busy booth visited by many attendees, and two posters on topics of mastitis antimicrobial resistance in Denmark and “Advantages of tylosin as a base in treatment of severe clinical cases in dairy cows”. Visitors expressed large interest in Huvepharma® product and solutions.

Huvepharma® also hosted an excellent dinner for representatives of the industry in a traditional restaurant in the old part of the city of Bilbao, offering a mixture of Basque hospitality and gastronomy.

Huvepharma® Intestinal Gut Health Training in Poultry

On a regular basis (2-3 times per year), Huvepharma® organizes a training on intestinal health in poultry in the beautiful medieval city of Ghent. This training on gut health in poultry focusses on coccidiosis diagnosis and coccidiosis control programs. Both theoretical and practical sessions are aiming to increase the knowledge on this economical important poultry disease.
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Respiratory Health Seminar for pig practitioners, 4th -6th October, Ghent, Belgium

The second Porcine Respiratory Health Seminar of 2017 took place from 4th to 6th October in the medieval city of Ghent with participants from 8 countries. Part of the seminar was held in the city center and our guests were invited one afternoon to the faculty of veterinary medicine for a practical session. Four speakers focused on the prevention, control and treatment of different respiratory diseases in modern pig farming.
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