Huvepharma® Porcine Gut Health Seminar for European practitioners Bulgaria, June 5-6th 2018

This seminar, customized for veterinary professionals, gave a clear understanding of how the gastro-intestinal tract functions, behaves and can be managed. Managing gut health is crucial for optimal performance.

The seminar was opened by M. Christiansen (Seges, DK) with an interesting presentation on global pig production economics and its impact on future pig production. Prof. Ducatelle (University Ghent, BE) brought an energizing lecture on the gut microflora and M. Bouwhuis (Schothorst Feed Research, NL) focused on the relation between feed formulation, animal health and growth performance. R. Bardini (Nutreco, IT) shared practical insights in gastro-intestinal infections in the field. Furthermore, worm infections were discussed by Prof. Geldhof (University Ghent, BE) whilst L. Schwarz (University Vienna, AU) guided the participants through his latest studies of protozoal infections. Huvepharma® closed the seminar with lectures on succesful solutions provided by enzymes, probiotics and therapeutic veterinary products for porcine gut health improvement.

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