Huvepharma® held its 5th European Seminar: Insights on Nutrition and Health of High Performing Animals

Huvepharma hosted its 5th European Nutrition Seminar dedicated to nutrition and health management of high performing animals, the seminar held in Amsterdam by the end of June gathered  120 guests from across Europe, Middle East and Latin America.

The lectures focused on different aspects of animal nutrition and health, covering fibre degradation, managing alternative raw materials, gut microbiome and gut health management.

Alongside seminar guests had the opportunity to join several discussion moments amongst peers and share different experiences.

During one day, renowned speakers shared the latest insights and developments on their research fields:

Dr. Peter van Horne (Wageningen University) opened the seminar guiding the audience through the latest trends and developments in the poultry meat and eggs markets;

Dr. Henk Schols (Wageningen University) brought deep understanding on fibre degradation by enzymes and Dr. Markus Rodehutscord (Hohenheim University) discussed phytate degradation in pigs and poultry; Dr. Hunter Walters (Texas A&M University) gave a testimonial lecture on USA experience with NSP degrading enzymes.

The enzymes dedicated session was closed with a lecture by Dr. Lode Nollet (Global Product Manager Enzymes at Huvepharma) exploring the use of enzymes as a tool to manage challenges in modern feed formulation.

Dr. Roberto la Ragione (University of Surrey) sharing his research on modulating the gut flora of livestock to improve production performance and reduce disease incidence set ground for the closing lecture by Dr. Veerle Hautekiet (Marketing Director at Huvepharma) on current achievements and future trends for probiotic feed additives.

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