Huvepharma® held a two-days seminar on Gut Health Management and Nutrition of High Performing Animals

Huvepharma hosted its 4th Nutrition Seminar dedicated to gut health management and nutrition of high performing animals. The seminar was held at the F1 car track of Monza, Italy, at the end of June and gathered more than 160 guests from across Europe, Latin America, Thailand and USA.

The lectures focused on different aspects of animal nutrition and health, covering fibre degradation, managing alternative raw materials, gut microbiome and gut health management.

Alongside the seminar, guests had the opportunity to join several discussion groups amongst peers and share different experiences, framed by an exquisite location and several “speed” experiences.

Renowned speakers shared the latest insights and developments on their research fields. Stefan Vogel (Rabobank) guided the audience through the latest trends and challenges in the raw materials markets stressing the main price drivers and “predictable” fluctuations; Melliana Jonathan (Wageningen University) brought a deeper understanding on how to profile fibre degradation by enzymes providing the background for Sonja de Vries (Wageningen University) to highlight the research work done on fibre fermentation in monogastric animals.

The first day of the seminar closed with Per Tybirk (SEGES) sharing the Danish experience and recommendations on the use of phytase in feeds using alternative raw materials.

Margie D Lee (Georgia University) opened the second day with an energizing lecture on the chicken’s microbiome, its development, its shifts and how it’s influenced by nutrition before giving  the stage to Filip Immerseel (Gent University) who shared his research on gut microbiota modulation in broilers and its link to gut health.

The technical part of the seminar was closed with Huvepharma team speakers, Veerle Hautekiet sharing the latest research with probiotics as tool for managing gut health and food safety and Karel Bierman who gave insights on the use of enzymes as tools to manage the challenges in modern feed formulation.

With all the guests heading for a speed experience at “il tempo della velocità”, Huvepharma® closed its 4th successful Nutrition Seminar. To all our guests: Thank You, was a pleasure to have You with us!

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