Huvepharma Opens New Fermentation Plant in Bulgaria

16 September 2019 - Huvepharma's new fermentation plant in Peshtera, southern Bulgaria opened today.

The new plant has a total fermentation capacity of 3500m3, enabling Huvepharma to increase its total production capacity by 30%, and allowing the company to ferment its entire current product portfolio in one place.

Eddy Piron, Managing Director of Huvepharma, commented: "The increased capacity in our new production facility in Peshtera allows us to meet our ambitious and continuous growth plans to expand our market share in the field of fermented products including coccidiostats, antibiotics, enzymes, probiotics and human health APIs (active pharmaceutical ingredients."

According to Huvepharma, over 150 new jobs have been created in Peshtera.

"We have invested EUR 150 million in our European production facilities despite fierce competition from other production sites around the world. Bulgaria is a member of the EU 28 and all our plants have been approved by the European regulatory authorities. We operate under European GMP guidelines and have FDA approval, making us an attractive and internationally competitive production partner," Piron added.

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