Huvepharma Nutritional Seminar

Huvepharma® hosted its 2nd Nutritional Seminar Asia dedicated to gut health management and nutrition of high performing animals. The seminar held in Bali, Indonesia on 25-26th April, gathered more than 150 participants from countries across Asia Pacific, Turkey and South Africa.

Over the 2 days international guest speakers shared their latest research, covering topics from fibre degradation to gut health management.

Dr. Peter van Horne (Wageningen University) guided the audience through latest trends and developments in the poultry meat and eggs markets, Dr. Margie Lee (Georgia University) gave an energizing lecture on chicken microbiome, Dr. Nuvee Prapasarakul (Chulalongkom University) showcased tools for enteric diseases prevention, Dr. Peter Ferket (North Carolina State University) brought insights on the use of phytase with alternative raw materials and superdosing, Dr. Francesc Molist (Schothorst Feed Research) settled the ground for fibre management in pig nutrition and Dr. Budi Tangendjaja (IRIAP) discussed the nutritional challenges in the era of AGP ban. Huvepharma® Global Product Management team contributed with lectures on managing gut health with probiotics, by Veerle Hautekiet, and enzyme solutions for modern animal production, by Natália Soares.

Alongside, seminar participants had the opportunity to join several discussion topics amongst peers, framed by an exquisite location.

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