Quality certificates

Huvepharma® and its production subsidiary Biovet are Feed Chain Alliance (OVOCOM) certified. Our products are part of the food chain and we are committed to following GMP and HACCP principles to ensure that we deliver a safe product to the consumer. Huvepharma's subsidiary Biovet, implemented an integrated management system for quality management and environmental protection ISO 9001:2008/ ISO 14001:2004 and OH SAS 18001 certified by SGS. Biovet has been ISO 9001 certified since 1999. Biovet also received EU GMP certificate for its sterile injectables and powder and medicated premix production facilities, which have also passed successfully FDA inspections.

Huvepharma observes quality assurance throughout the entire cycle of production and distribution use.

The Quality Control Departments execute strict quality control of all incoming materials, critical parameters during manufacture and intermediate and finished products in accordance with approved specifications. Production steps and processes are carried out following detailed standard operating procedures and work manuals and detailed written records are created and kept for each production batch.

Huvepharma’s enzymes plant in Botevgrad produces enzymes for food and feed applications. The plant received an Excellent mark in Food Safety in its certification process by the American Institute of Baking. Furthermore they have developed and implemented HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point) principles in the manufacture of its enzymes. SGS Good Manufacturing Practice website section can be found here.


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