Huvepharma® Cattle Symposium

Antibiotics are one of the most important therapeutic discoveries in medical history. They have contributed to reducing the mortality and morbidity from bacterial diseases. Today, although antibiotic resistance is not a new phenomenon, there is an international concern around the rise of drug-resistance infections and public recommendations to restrain use of antibiotics.

The answer to preserve these important therapeutics is not in simply reducing volumes. It is about implementing a judicious and correct use in practitioners daily routine. 

Veterinarians have all skills to adapt to this growing concern that is also an unique opportunity to reinforce the key role of their expertise and prescription.

First Huvepharma® Cattle Symposium brought together around 200 veterinary practitioners from all over Europe and experts in cattle health who presented their approach to control infectious diseases relating to a specific topic: mastitis, enteritis, respiratory diseases. Debate was focused on using antibiotics judiciously to ensure their continued effectiveness in human and veterinary use.

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