Customer Nutritional Training and Production Insight Program

Huvepharma® has the practice to organize regularly different training programs for its customers. We offer a Nutritional training, which includes visit to Huvepharma production facilities in Bulgaria, followed by a farm visit in the Netherlands and a 3-day nutritional training at Schothorst Feed Research Institute in the Netherlands.  From 7th to 16th July a group of 22 large swine and poultry producers from Greater China went through this program, organized by the company.

In Bulgaria the groups tour one of the production sites of the company, located in the city of Peshtera and receive an understanding of the fermentation processes applied, while in the Netherlands the customers visit a sow farm and discuss on modern sow management and optimization of pig health control, as well as receive product training on Hostazym® X and OptiPhos®/ Hostazym® P   by Karel Bierman, Global Director Enzymes, Huvepharma.

The agenda continues with three intensive days of nutritional training at Schothorst Feed Research Institute. The groups are divided into poultry and swine workshops and go through training on amino acid feeding, energy metabolism of the animals, management of raw materials quality, gut health management and other topics of the day.

Overall the training gives valuable technical information from various aspects for application in the daily feed formulation and farm management.

Huvepharma® Cattle Symposium

First Huvepharma® Cattle Symposium brought together around 200 veterinary practitioners from all over Europe and experts in cattle health who presented their approach to control infectious diseases relating to specific topics.
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